The Titanic

Boat Deck: Bridge; radio room; officer’s quarters; lifeboats; gymnasium. |View Deck|

Promenade Deck: 1st class staterooms; 1st class reading and writing rooms; 1st class lounge; 1st class smoking room; the Verandah Cafe and Palm Court. |View Deck|

Bridge Deck: 1st class suites; two 1st class “millionaire” suites; 1st class à la Carte restaurant; Café Parisien restaurant; 2nd class smoking room. |View Deck|

  • The 1st class passengers boarded the Titanic through the impressive Grand Staircase. It was sixteen feet wide, provided access to seven decks and was over 60 feet high. The ceiling was a massive glass dome which contained a large chandelier.
  • At the bottom of the stairs was a large statue. This statue has been salvaged from the Titanic wreck. At the top of the stairs was an ornate clock. The Grand Staircase was described as representing, “Honor and Glory crowning Time”.

Shelter Deck: 1st class suites; 2nd class library; 3rd class social room; 3rd class smoking room; some crew accommodations; cabins for the maids and servants who accompanied many of the 1st class passengers; 1st class barber shop; Doctor’s office; Purser’s office; hatches for loading the ship. |View Deck|

Saloon Deck: 1st class dining room; 1st class reception room; 2nd class dining room; 1st and 2nd class galleys (kitchens) and pantries; 1st, 2nd and 3rd class rooms; crew quarters; 1st and 2nd class bakery and butcher shops; hospital. |View Deck|

Upper Deck: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class rooms; crew quarters; 2nd class barber shop. |View Deck|

Middle Deck: Swimming pool; Turkish bath; 2nd and 3rd class rooms; crew quarters; 3rd class dining room; 3rd class galley; 3rd class bakery and butcher shop. |View Deck|

Lower Deck: Squash racquet court; Post Office; food freezers and coolers; baggage rooms; cargo hold; crew quarters; some 3rd class rooms. |View Deck|

Orlop Deck: Engine rooms; boiler rooms; coal bunkers; fresh water tanks; food storage; wine cellar; cargo and refrigerated cargo hold; baggage rooms. |View Deck|

The Titanic

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